About Us

Green Chair is a gift, home and toy shop in the colourful village of Sneem, County Kerry. It is 100% owned and operated in Ireland. After 20 years in teaching, Welsh woman Sharon Evans moved to Ireland in 2011. She opened the shop in 2015 and moved to her current corner premises in 2019.

The back of the shop doubles as a workshop offering services such as traditional upholstery, curtains and blinds, framing and clothing repairs. Sharon loves to mix old styles with new and selects her stock accordingly. If it’s beautiful, useful or fun it’s in. If it’s sustainable, ethically sourced and/or local it’s doubly in.

Green Chair has gained a reputation for selling quirky gifts, toys and activities that tempt children and adults from their screens. Brands include Maileg, Tobar, House of Marbles, Redecker, lan Snow, Yoko Wool, Dana Jewellery, Virginia Graham and Hannah Turner.