Owl Teapot

Looking for an Owl Teapot? This design by Hannah Turner might be just what you are looking for. This teapot is the star of the Owl collection. Create a sense of occasion at the table by getting out a good old fashioned teapot, which rather beautifully doubles as an owl! This marvel combines style and character with practicality. With beady eyes, elaborate lashes and a beak for a spout, it is easy to see why this teapot has been the best-seller in this range and makes a fabulous gift for Owl lovers and ornithologists alike.

This teapot is part of the Owl collection, which also includes mugs, a creamer jug, a baby jug, a tall jug, storage jar, coasters and plates.

17 cm H. Holds 1.2 litres, 2 pints

Handmade in Sri Lanka from stoneware ceramic with a decal decoration.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

17cm high 11.5 cm base diameter.  Holds 1 litre, approx 2 pints.


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