Robotime Paris Midnight

Enter the world of 3D puzzles with an amazing kit, the Robotime Paris Midnight is a Sweet Patio decorated with vintage furniture, contrasting but harmonious colours making the house more vivid and fun. Real living scenes of Paris midnight. Every corner is beautiful and delicate. A great gift to get and give.

DIY Model Kits and Handmade Toy This wood model kits will make you fall in love with arts and crafts and become fulfilled. The furniture suites are easy to stitch. Even if you are a beginner, follow the steps and it will not be too hard. You can give yourself a plan, spend two hours a day to assemble, stick to it, not only to develop good habits, but also make a surprise toy house

Matters Needing Attention The material of the miniature kitchen is accurate, so don’t waste it at every step and use it according to the instructions, otherwise it will result in the shortage of the final parts.

(Glue, paint and batteries not included)


  • Robotime Paris Midnight
  • DIY Kit Miniature House
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • Kit includes accessories, brush, fabric, LED light, metal, paper, plastic, wood
  • Recommended age 14+
  • Assembled size 300 x 150 x 165 mm

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