Robotime Joy’s Peninsula Living Room

For all the DIY people out there we have the perfect kit, a miniature house that will challenge you with the little details of every part of it. Bring the warmth of the Mediterranean to any living room and have it as a display to bring joy to others as well.

DIY Model Kits and High-Quality Materials The diy mini house is very well made, using a miniature scale of about 1:24. All pieces are in separate bags and a colourful instruction book can guide you to finish the house step by step even if you are a beginner. The material in the kit is environmently friendly and there is no burr, the paint has no odour and can also be easily washed off with water.

Easy To Follow and Pleasant Artwork This wood model kits will make you fall in love with arts and crafts and make you enjoy the hands-on production and become fulfilled. Inside the furniture suite is easy to stitch, Even if you are a beginner, follow the steps to do it, it will not be too hard. You can give yourself a plan to take out every day for half an hour or two hours to assemble, stick to it, not only cultivate good habits, but also made a pleasant surprise gift

Be Patience and Feel Amazing To build it, patience is the ultimate key to success. It can be assembled with family, friends and lovers to experience the pleasure of hands-on. A sense of accomplishment will come when it is finished. You can redecorate it and add in your new creations. After turning on the light, it makes a comfy, cute room to look at once and awhile

Perfect Gift and Excellent Home Decoration No one will refuse such a beautiful miniature house gift. If you are a diy lover or have patience and time, this product is very suitable for you, it is more delicate than the average handicrafts. In addition, it can be a birthday or Christmas gift.

Matters Needing Attention The material of the house is very accurate, so don’t waste it at every step and use it according to the instructions. But don’t forget this is a DIY kits. Don’t be discouraged if something in the kit is broken, use your imagination to fix it or use something else to replace it. The pigment, glue and battery is not included.


  • Robotime Joy’s Peninsula Living Room
  • DIY Kits and Handcraft Toy
  • Exquisite Mini House and Eco-Friendly Materials
  • DIY Project
  • Realistic miniature living room
  • 3D Wood Puzzle Kit
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Recommended age 14+
  • Kit: accessories, fabric, paper, wood
  • Assembled size 230 x 150 x 230 mm

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